I’m happy to announce that Wikiotics will be presenting at the tenth annual SCALE, the Linux Expo of Southern California, this coming January. Those of you in the LA area or who, like myself, will be traveling in should stop by January 20-22nd and see the presentation or stop by our table on the expo floor.

SCALE is actually the first conference that Jim and I went to as Wikiotics so I am especially gratified that we get our first exclusively Wikiotics focused presentation opportunity here as well. Thanks to the organizers for making that possible and for all their support of us and other community non-profits.

Those of you with an education background who have not been to a technology conference before might also be interested in the “Open Source Software In Education” day happening in the middle of the conference. With a full day focused on education and a Wikiotics presentation, now might be the time to start thinking of your own mid-winter trip to LA.