I'm proud to announce that we now have a simple interface for editing and translating lessons on wikiotics.org! This is some great work by Jim that lets us get on with the fun part, making and playing with lessons.

If you have a minute, take a look at our example lesson (in English) and play around. The "edit" button at the top will let you change the text and pictures that are there, add new text and picture pairs, or rearrange the existing materials however you want.

That intro lesson already exists in Spanish and Chinese. If you know another language, just use the "copy" button at the top to move the English version to a new location, say "Portuguese_-_Introduction" and edit those English sentences away!

As always, have fun and please feel free to correct the existing translations, find more appropriate pictures for the sentences, add new material, or any other kind of tinkering you enjoy.

More information is available at our Contribute page and all our existing lessons are recorded in this handy list

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