Jim and I are in Portland, Oregon right now, in the midst of two great events, OSCon 2011, which begins on Tuesday, and the Community Leadership Summit, which just wrapped up this evening. This brief space between the two seemed like a good point for an update.

New blog

First of all, welcome to the new blog! After the drumbeat project’s spring re-design removed blog functionality from all the project pages, we’ve been a bit too isolated, and too busy to build new communication infrastructure. That all changed at the Community Leadership Summit where I found enough time during coffee and lunch breaks to migrate all the old content onto this, more permanent blog.

Community Leadership Summit

The stolen moments I took for blog work were surprisingly in keeping with the general theme of the Leadership Summit, which is an unconference specifically focused on the issues of community building and management in the Free Software context, where blogs are a commonplace tool.

We met a lot of great people and will hopefully see many of the over the coming week at OSCon.


Since we were lucky enough to get one of the non-profit/community booths at OSCon this year, what we manage to see of the event is going to depend a lot on who comes by our little corner of the exhibit hall. We will be over in booth 224, if that ends up meaning anything for navigation purposes during the actual conference. More importantly, we’re right near the restrooms and across from the Wii lounge so we expect both foot and virtual tennis ball traffic to be high. If you’re at the conference, we’d love to meet you.

New interface

Anyone who does stop by the booth will get a sneak peek at the new interface design Jim has been working on for the past few months. The existing design was built with the picture choice lesson type in mind and does little to make use of the flexible backend that really makes Wikiotics a different kind of wiki project. Jim and I are both very excited about the new interface and would love to show you some of the new potentials, either at the booth, or in August when we push the final changes to the site.

You flattrd’d my paypal!

Finally, we’ve opened up a couple of new convenient donation options: payal and flattr. While you are no doubt all familiar with paypal, many of you may have not seen flattr before, which is a social payment system that has been growing in popularity within the free software and free culture communities. As always, contributions are warmly appreciated, whether those are financial or otherwise

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