September was a very social month here at Wikiotics, including discussions with the folks at P2P University and the first gathering of our MeetUp group NY teaches language to the world here in New York. We are planning to continue that trend in October, including new meetups and my participation in MobilityShifts, a conference on the future of Education going on in NYC all this week. I’ll be speaking on a panel this Friday discussing the issues involved when you move learning online and into the public.

Over the next month we are going to focus on supporting groups of peers who want to study language with each other in true peer-to-peer fashion. We are planning out some extra technical support for that, but what we really need are some interested people. If you know at least one language and are interested in being part of a language exchange to learn a new one, just let me know. You can leave a comment here or join our meetup group and say hi to everyone there. If we can find a few people who want to learn each other’s languages, we would love to help.

More to come this week about that group and the ongoing MobilityShifts conference.