Last week

Great job last week everyone! We got the Introduction lesson translated into 14 new languages and made five more languages available for Wikiotics users building lessons. This week we’re focusing all that effort on one lesson, talking about the weather:

This week

Talking about the weather is a daily activity in people’s lives, but many of the concepts are difficult to represent in pictures. “Cold” vs “Cool” or “Cloudy” vs “Overcast” for example. The pictures we have right now could use some help, and that’s where you come in. Please take a moment to help us clear up the weather lesson by finding better pictures.

How To Participate:

    1) Log in (we’re going to use some special abilities of logged in users to make collaboration easier). 

    2) Go to the lesson and click on “Copy” at the top.

    3) Enter “user:YourUserName/Weather” into the copy box and hit enter

    4) Click on “Edit” at the top and change any of the images you want to replace using the “find new image” link next to each page. That will let you search on flickr for a better picture. (If you are getting too many results, try clicking the “Restrict to project’s Flickr group” box when you are searching.)

    5) Save your new lesson and add a link on the Weather talk page.

    As always, thanks for being part of the community!

A note on user pages
    Think of user pages as a wiki section just for you.  No one else can edit pages in your section so you can build or collect lessons there and know that they will always stay as you left them. Now that you know how, feel free to copy any other lessons on your user pages and tinker with them, or build your own material to share with students and colleagues.

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